1st Window Discovered!

Pine Featherflower

Verticordia staminosa subsp. cylindracea var. erecta

The Pine Featherflower transforms entirely under ultraviolet light. In daylight, this wildflower is mostly yellow with a green stem. The long protrusions that stick out (called stamens) contain pollen at their tips, ready for insects to transport to other Pine Featherflowers. Insects transport pollen from one flower to another (pollination), a flower that receives pollen from another flower will pick some up off the insect for germination with its stigma – the stigma can be seen through this Window clearly as its longer than the stamens with a brighter blue glow. This blue biofluorescence on the tips of these stamens may represent why bees and other pollinators are attracted to them.

There are over 100 species of Featherflowers in Western Australia, but the Pine Featherflower is one, of two, of these species that are critically endangered. It was declared critically endangered in September 23 years ago! If a species is declared critically endangered it means that it is at high risk of extinction – apart from at Kings Park, there are only two Pine Featherflower populations in the wild.

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Clue for the 2nd Window

In the centre of the Sandplains Zone, at the start of one of the sandy, off-road pathways. This wildflower is firey and vibrant even in daylight!


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