3rd Window Discovered!

Salt Myoporum

Myoporum turbinatum

The flowers of the Salt Myoporum are perhaps the least impressive part of the plant under UV light! The small wildflowers do transform from white to lilac, and have bright fluorescent pollen at the centre of the flower, but this colour change is nothing compared to the rest of the plant. The Salt Myoporum’s brown stalks and branches glow biofluorescent green! This can be seen a little here through this Window, even the wildflower buds are green!

This wildflower gets its name from the specific conditions it needs to grow. It’s known only from one region about 80km northeast of Esperance, growing in salty depressions along the verges on the side of the road. Due to this dangerous living condition, with vehicles driving past them every day; accidental damage to these plants is the major threat to this species. But it’s not all bad news – Salt Myoporum has come from being classified as Endangered in 1999 to being categorised as “Priority 4” today. This does mean it’s sill “Rare” and “Near Threatened” but it’s a step in the right direction.

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Clue for the 4th Window

Back to the Sandplains Zone again. Follow the paved path around the corner. This unruly plant lurks behind a bench…


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