4th Window Discovered!

Bracted Grevillea

Grevillea bracteosa subsp. bracteosa

This flower from the Bracted Grevillea has only just begun to bloom. One-by-one the curved stamens that contain pollen pop out – the bright cyan-coloured glow from under the singular popped-out stamen is pollen biofluorescing under the UV light.

Equally as bright are the tiny hairs that cover the bracts of this flower. It is these bracts that give this wildflower its name, a unique trait that it has in order to protect itself when it grows.

The Bracted Grevillea is Endangered, and only blooms from the beginning of September to the start of October, making this Everlasting Kings Park Festival the perfect opportunity to experience this rare wildflower in person.

Wallpaper Unlocked!

You’ve just unlocked the Bracted Grevillea¬†phone wallpaper! Follow the link, then tap & hold the wallpaper, select “Save to Photos”.

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Clue for the 5th Window

The next Window is located at the end of this path – travel into the Granite Zone. This next wildflower was named after Charles Darwin‘s Grandfather!


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