Project Archive

The creation and development of Through the Eyes of Insects

Where it all began...

Flick through the pages of "Woodland: Through the Eyes of the Insects", the first iteration of the project.

This book was created for my final project at Falmouth University. My intrigue and love for exploring the insect’s World is visually recorded here in these experimentally composed images.

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A small collection of post-book “blue background” technique and on-site photography. These images were made after the book was finalised and represent the beginning of the project standing by itself, without the catalyst of fulfilling a University brief.

Moss on a piece of bark – under daylight and ultraviolet light

Biofluorescent fungus growing from a deceased insect


Garden Cross Spider

Honing Composition

Continuing to develop the set-up and technique. A spike in changes to camera equipment, lighting, and stage infrastructure lead to a transformation in what photographing fauna under UV light could look like. This brought black bachgrounds to UV insect photography which was previously only poossible with flora. 

A species of inchworm on a dead leaf


An earthworm on a piece of bark 


Caught up with the current style of Through the Eyes of Insects. The introduction of a stage (where the subject stands) made of UV filter glass allows for a greater amount of compositional freedom. As a result, uniform compostion helps highlight the subtle varience between each subject.