Ultraviolet Wildflowers

See Through the Eyes of Insects

Your first steps into their World

Insects have a unique ability to see into the ultraviolet light spectrum – light invisible to the human eye. By utilising naturally occurring ultraviolet fluorescence, called biofluorescence, within these wildflowers, we can create a photographic representation of how insects see the native, threatened wildfowers as their key to survival.

Inside the Conservation Garden awaits 6 Windows to be discovered. Find them & scan them to reveal the World Through the Eyes of Insects. 

Once a Window is scanned, you unlock a free phone wallpaper of that Ultraviolet Wildflower. Download it and collect them all!

Each Window is numbered and also holds the clue to find the next one. Follow these clues, or explore the Conservation Garden freely, to find them all… However, there are rumours that another Window reveals itself once all 6 have been found.

Finally, you may need this Map

Remember to always stay on the path to protect these precious plants.



Clues rely on you knowing about the Planting Theme Zones of the Conservation Garden. There are five Zones; Critically Endangered, Pilbara & Kimberley, Seasonal Wetland, Sandplains, and Granite. Use the Map given to you, or alternatively the physical maps on the outskirts of the Conservation Garden, to assist your exploration.

Clue for the 1st Window

Found on the edge of the Critically Endangered Zone, this wildflower produces layers of yellow, feather-like petals when in boom.

Lets Explore Together

Join us to explore the Conservation Garden together in a walkthrough of the 6 Windows. You’ll be led by the photographer, James Wylie, who will offer insights into the stories behind insect vision, ultraviolet photography, and biofluorescence.


Interested in learning more about their World?

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