Ultraviolet Wildflowers

Western Australia Series 2

An exploration of the insect’s World through the native and endemic wildflowers they depend on.

Western Australia; an expance of wilderness encompassing an array of habitats, all exceptionally beautiful and subtlely different from each other. Whilst much of inland WA consists of arid desert, along its coast is a “goldilocks” zone that accomodates for microclimates – pockets of environment that have unique qualitites. Within these pockets have evolved unique, endemic plants that are specifically suited to these pockets, and with them have evolved specifically suited pollinators. Series 2 of Ultraviolet Wildflowers looks at the way these pollinators see these wildflowers and discusses how the two communicate through the ultaviolet light spectrum.  

Pom Pom Darwinia, Darwinia vestita | Not Threatened

Rogerson’s Grevillea, Grevillea rogersoniana | Priority 3 (needs more surveying)

Red Kangaroo Paw, Anigozanthos rufusNot Threatened

Cumquat Eremophila, Eremophila denticulata subsp. trisulcata | Threatened

Baxter’s Banksia, Banksia baxteriNot Threatened

Spiky Adenanthos, Adenanthos pungensNot Threatened

White featherflower, Verticordia albidaCritically Endangered

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